We provide IP management, consult with clients to establish internal compliance and best practices.  We help businesses meet governmental compliance.  We act as General Counsel for many Texas Businesses and provide corporate governance (internal and external) counseling.  We help companies with human resource issues and assist them with compliance with labor law.  As experienced Texas employment attorneys with many plaintiffs cases under our belt, we have specialized abilities to examine a company’s existing human resource procedures and employment policies for employment law compliance.  Having litigated many employment cases, we are able to understand not only how employment procedures and resources should be implemented, we know how how effective they are when you introduce regular human interaction under preset rules.  We examine a company’s employment procedures, policies, and resources in order to make recommendations for a more equitable and efficient work environment.  We represent employers in investigations by EEOC, federal agencies, and the Department of Labor.  We believe in preventative measures and creating healthy corporate and employment atmosphere.  We do all of this with a sense of humor that you would not expect to find in lawyers.

How We Make It Affordable

Good corporate governance and employment atmosphere should be available to companies of all sizes and different industries.  Whether you are an MMA promotions company, a tech startup or an oil field support manufacturer that has undergone a growth phase, you will need legal help and advice.  We have the experience and skill to help you with your corporate governance requirements so that you can focus on your core mission, marketing your service and products.

At the Tran Law Firm, we understand the uncertainty that comes with hiring a Texas employment lawyer or corporate counsel.  Whether you are a founder of a startup, a small business owner or the in-house counsel, you want predictability when it comes to legal cost.   The Tran Law Firm provides fixed or flat rate employment law counseling services.  This means that no matter how long it takes us to complete the project, you only pay one fee.   We provide the same quality legal counseling at a flat rate as we would on an hourly rate.

We believe that alternative billing in the form of flat rate or flat fee allows you to get the advice you need at a convenient fixed price. You now have the power to obtain practical answer to your employment questions so that you can get back to running your business.

This can be very appealing to entrepreneurs and startups on a tight budget.  Other matters may be more appropriately billed on an hourly basis — in which case, we will give you an estimate up-front, and we will do our best to meet such estimate.   Regardless of the arrangement, our goal is to make sure you are happy — and to ensure that there are no end-of-the-month surprises regarding invoices.

We will talk with you on the phone at no charge and discuss your project and you an estimate up-front in order to ensure that there are no end-of-the-month surprises regarding invoices.  For more information about employment law counseling on a fixed rate or hourly basis, contact the Tran Law Firm at 713.223.8855